The first quarter turned out to be more of the same for markets, with stocks (S&P 500) up 10%, continuing the strong momentum of 2023. Any weakness only lasted a couple of days and investors bought the dip resulting in 22 all-time closing highs. Market leadership has shifted from just a few names to being broader based as 10 of the 11 sectors rallied. Click HERE to continue reading our market update.

When you least expect it…

Almost no one thought 2023 was going to be a phenomenal year for stocks, but nearly all markets rebounded with many up over 20% on the year. Just like the consensus opinion of the “experts” missed the dramatic declines of 2022, most were overly negative for 2023 and many were convinced of a recession that has yet to happen. Despite the fastest interest rate increase in three decades, a near banking collapse in March, and a new war in the Middle East, stocks are back to all-time highs. Click HERE to continue reading our market update.