Our primary responsibility is to you, our Client. We are not part of a larger firm and our business model doesn’t rely on “selling products,” it’s based on providing sound advice and a high level of client service. Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed.


Situation: Like many business owners, John is now in his 60s, his wife is begging him to slow down. He has a son in the business who may or not be capable of managing the current 120 employees. Although John has always envisioned a family business transition, he came to us looking for options knowing that it was time to start planning.

Process: Canal Capital worked with a number of our professional partners to determine the value of the business. Because the current market environment is so strong (low interest rates and heavy demand from Private Equity), it made sense to offer the business to both private equity and strategic buyers.

Because Canal was engaged before the sale, we were able to minimize taxes on the eventual sale. We also designed a more effective and efficient estate plan which will have a major impact on the next generation.

Canal Capital Management began by helping the couple draft a comprehensive Business Transition Plan which detailed the distinct steps needed to reach their goals. Through our unique process, we facilitated a family meeting to outline the elements of the estate plan. Then we worked directly with the clients’ accountant and attorney to put the plan into action. Below are some of the specific details:


Facilitated family meetings where everyone could discuss their objectives. This helped to build consensus towards a comprehensive estate plan.
Reviewed existing ownership transition plans and suggested modifications that would augment retirement income while saving on estate taxes.
Analyzed past and projected spending and provided assurance John could maintain his living standard and travel for the rest of his life.
Evaluated the potential tax gain and suggested opportunities to reduce the overall income tax liability associated with the sale.
Because the estate was greater than $11 million, we engaged in pre-sale estate planning opportunities only available before a deal is completed.