Canal named Top 100 Emerging Wealth Manager

Canal Capital Management was recently named by RIA Channel to the list of Top 100 Emerging Wealth Managers for 2017. This year’s unique ranking showcases wealth management firms from $100 million to $500 million in assets under management as of October 31, 2017 that have grown at least 30% in the past five years. RIA Database ranked the Top 100 Emerging Wealth Managers using quantitative and qualitative criteria. RIA firms that provide comprehensive wealth management services as their core offerings were included. Broker/dealers and firms with a concentration on asset management services were excluded.

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Outlook 2018 – Going Global!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – Saint Augustine

At Canal Capital, we echo the sentiment of Saint Augustine, not only in life but also in investing. Those investors that take a myopic approach and only invest in the US, are reading but only one page in the book of investment opportunities. Yes, the US Market has led the charge for the last 8 years and investors have been hurt by diversifying, but a shift is beginning to happen and it is our belief that those investors willing to read past the first page and go global, will be rewarded moving forward.

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