K. Procter L. Fishburne, MBA, CFP®

Planning & Investment Associate

Procter serves as a Planning and Investment Associate for Canal Capital. Prior to joining Canal, he was head of the Planning Group at Wealthcare Capital Management. Before entering wealth management, he worked as a Sr. Financial Analyst at Wachovia Securities, now known as Wells Fargo Advisors. Procter previously worked with both Neil and Noah before they founded Canal Capital.

Procter spends most of his time managing the trading and planning operations for the firm. Additionally he assists the investment committee and due diligence efforts for the Real Estate fund.

Procter is from Richmond and attended the St. Christropher’s School before graduating from Hampden-Sydney College and earning an MBA from the University of Richmond. Additionally, Procter is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and is currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate and Urban Land Development at VCU. Upon completion of that program, he will pursue a Master of Science in Business with a concentration in Real Estate Valuation.

Procter and his wife Emily reside in the city of Richmond with their twin children.